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Nowhere / Now,here; 2016; Rotterdam, The Netherlands

It’s a project about migration and about the sacred. It involves the antique archetype of the mother ( with the child) defined by Jung, along with the secular journey through the history of this image. Mary and the sacred attached to her, are the connotations that lie on our collective memory. The recognition of the icon comes naturally to western recipients. Assuming that our life is characterized by a sort of everyday-manifestations of the sacred, how do we approach media information but as they were a sacred manifestation themselves? In my video-essay, Umberto Eco explains how vision apparitions are influenced by our cultural visual background. If we recognize a mother with a child as a sacred Icon, Why don't we apply the same process to all those women crossing the borders? Holy Mary's back, and she's a migrant. (again).




Found-footage video, single channel, 5min

Research advisors: Frank Van der Stok, Flip Bool, Martine Stig, Juul Hondius