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Antonietti; 2015; Verona, Italy


There’s nothing left but silence among the properties of Antonietti’s family, my mother’s. The past is vague, locked up behind the bleak walls of the different properties, laying calmly on the furniture and on the few trinkets left in the dark of the deaf rooms. These precipitates represent just misty memories to me. Reminiscences passed down generationally that persist like an echo through the faces of those who lived, l laughed and loved in those now evmpty spaces that I never lived myself.Though I feel these memories live through me, they’re part of me.
This project is an investigation that goes backwards to the origins of my mother’s family. Starting with the research on the places, storages of memories, my aim is to tell the story of a bourgeois family.A blended family to which I don’feel like belonging, but yet lives into those abandoned places and into the objects and documents I recently inherited and that are now part of my present, one way or the therefore of my future.

Publication 30 pages

Editor Alice Lamperti